What to do in Heaven?

Besides worshipping & singing to God and prostrate before Him in Eternity, what else will Christians do thereafter in a forever state of being, where there is no movie, no arcade games, no commerce needed, but plenty of tall cathedrals and saints(even bunch of hard core fundamental Christians). Would love to hear what Christians think what they will be doing up there in Heaven forever…….

Chosen Answer:

Absolutely nothing. We will be in a state of perpetual bliss.
on: 1st March 11

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18 Responses to “What to do in Heaven?”

  1. Tim Tebow says:

    drink frappacinos

  2. cheir says:

    Need to get a better idea about heaven – by reading Scripture.

  3. Zeus says:

    Us Gods drink and wench for all eternity, occasionally hurling thunderbolts at people we don’t like. It’s brilliant fun. If that’s not your thing, Valhalla usually has free places.

  4. Annonymous Annoyance says:

    And only the missionary position during sex, that would get boring after a while.

  5. Becky K says:

    sing and dance!

  6. Spammer No.1- 420 says:

    Atleast there would be no atheists if chat on R&S section

  7. Tea Bag Patriot says:

    watch fox news

  8. Agent 47 says:

    “To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne, just as I overcame and sat down with my Father on his throne” ~ Revelation 3:21

    “To him who overcomes and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the NATIONS (Nations are on Earth and not in Heaven)” ~ Revelation 2:26

    We have everything to do on EARTH.

  9. Cali d says:

    Ya and they all believe they will sit beside him forever with the other TRILLIONS of people at the same time. haha, false hope is for the weak and the weak are religious douche-bags.

    Psychologically it’s no different carrying a rabbit’s foot to believe you’re ok. Just do that rather than let the church destroy your mind.

  10. T says:

    Do they have beer?

  11. *The Buddhist Swastika* says:

    Only Christian Zen masters would make it in Heaven, as any attention off of the Attention Whore would get you kicked out of Heaven.

    Mind is like Dirty Water, all the moving thoughts are the dirt particles that stir the water of the mind and make it murky, but when you still the mind, the rest of the dirt drops to the bottom, and the water becomes crystal clear, this is the awareness of mind, with a mind like that you can go further than ever before.

    The mind is like a weak muscle in the beginning, it can’t lift a lot of weight, but with continued practice, it becomes familiar and easier to do, eventually adding more weight to get stronger at what it is doing. The meditation helps increase the awareness of what you are doing so distraction does not tempt you away.

    The Fundamentals of Meditation Practice

    Powers attained thru Concentration

  12. Erwin Kraay says:

    Maybe this will give you some food for the thought

    Once upon a time a guy died and went to heaven because he “desrved” it.
    He was asked if he wanted to stay or go to hell, he would get 1 day of
    tryout of each realm after which he should make his final decision So he
    decided to have a walk/peek at hell first. Man it was awesome …booze, woman,
    music, drugs..the works. The next day he took the tour in heaven, what can
    I say …a lot of light, soft background music, people chatting and chanting
    laughter, happiness, etc. To the dude this appeared BORING!!!!!!
    So he decided to go to hell, upon arrival, things got really HOT in the blink of an
    eye a lot of screaming and teeth grinding, lamenting all around, the dude got
    angry and demanded to see the big kahuna running the show you know
    mr. D.. himself and asked what had made such a change in so short a time
    Well this was the answer :Yesterday was a special “marketing” day for
    smart pants like you, chop chop unite with your brethren ye all arriveveth
    and decideth out of ye own free ……………………….”


  13. scourged4u says:

    How limiting is your thinking! Heaven will be filled with ALL the things that we LOVE. But even putting that aside, worshiping and praising God will take up ALL of our eternity as it is! PRAISE THE LORD!

    Forgive others as I have forgiven you.

  14. Jim Cox says:

    eat, swim, talk, decorate my mansion
    thank GOD ALMIGHTY always
    sing My song
    Hear My name
    behold secrets that no man has thought or dreamed
    see things

  15. kevin says:

    Stroke Gods insatiable ego for all eternity.

    **That guy below me emphasizes why a lot of us think that religion is bad.

  16. Summerland says:

    Oh! we will be given break time.

    We can travel to a certain distance near hell to watch and hear those that do not believe in God wailing and begging for mercy. It’s a joy to watch those evil people suffering. I will be able to mock them and to make their life more miserable. To those that is in hell that mock my english I will tell them to use their good command of english to save themselves.

  17. Mark says:

    B I N G O … of course!

  18. ROBERT P says:

    Absolutely nothing. We will be in a state of perpetual bliss.

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