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Would these boots look good with this nice dress?

Would these boots: Look good with this dress: I really need your help, thanks! Chosen Answer: I really like the dress, its soooooo pretty I guess the boots would look kinda good with it, make the dress seem less casual for more of a daytime feel But if you’re going 4 a dressy [...]

Teenage Girls Help Plz ;)?

First off, do you like the shirt, second, which one should I get? Im a tan, dark haired guy haha Oh and if you saw a guy wearing this that you thought was hot, would you ask him about whats on the shirt? haha Thanks ! Chosen Answer: by: on: 1st January 70

Can you give me comparisons? I need help with opening a web based store.?

I have been checking through websites but comparisons are hard to find. Which is better: Corecommerce, Prostores, or Intuit? Why? Have you tried any of these yourself? Any information would be helpful, thanks. Chosen Answer: I am curently using : Good Luck! by: Ribs on: 13th February 10