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What would a simplified government look like?

It seems like most Americans would prefer a smaller government or at the very least a government that wastes less money. But what would that government look like? What stays and what goes? Below is a list of core government responsibilities. There is a lot of government cut from this list with the assumption a [...]

Dress Hunting Help!?

Ok I’m desperate now. I need to find a royal blue colored dress with sequins. (i.e. sweater dress / tank dress, stretchy, clingy dress) something little and sexy. Please no baggy tunic dresses or empire waist / maternity looking dresses. examples: except none of what I have found is in blue. I have [...]

what is this 5000 year leap? are we headed for destruction and are you going to do something + about it?

The book, The 5000 Yr Leap lists how the Founding Fathers of the United States used 28 fundamental beliefs to create a society based on morality, faith, and ethics, which Skousen, the author, asserts resulted in more progress having been achieved in the last 200 years than in the previous 5,000 years of every other [...]

Someone please tell me what is wrong with my resume?

Someone please tell me what is wrong with my resume? I have been applying for more than a month and not even gotten a call back. I think there is something wrong with my resume. Can you tell me what you think. Any ideas why I am not even getting a call back. Everything is [...]

Are you too old to go trick or treating at age 15?

If you dress up like something like this:,r:1,s:0 and you look young for your age and go with some middle schoolers who are also dressed appropriately / 16 year old / 16 year old Chosen Answer: My words of wisdom to you: YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD FOR FREE CANDY!!! by: Jay on: 27th [...]

what do i wear with this….?

i have never tried sleeveless and if i wear something inside the strips are easily visible, hope you know what i mean its a black halter like top with support only near neck what do i wear with this? what do girls normally wear inside a sleevelss ? and by the way what you [...]