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why world following down, prime and sub prime ?

many time i have been watched in TV news that bank are down or business for bank are down in US but of some prime and sub prime deal. so m not commerce student so pls people let me know what is this at all. why those ppl took home loan didn’t pay back and [...] and its parent company which is Hongkong based whats its core business ,its credential .?

is it possible to get this company’s financial status like balance sheet and P/L its e-commerce and e-net business is growing so fast thru multi-chain process and where this money goes and where it is used.Gold coin investors (Member) makes 2 members and then the chain continue to grow and money goes to parent [...]

Is it possible to take Comp Sc with Commerce?

i don’t think IP is useful. Commerce: English Core, Mathematics, Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies, Informatics Practices Chosen Answer: You would need to ask that question at your school. Different schools have different requirements and rules. Ask your academic advisor or a counselor. Sometimes you can find out by checking the website to see what courses [...]