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american hypocrisy of “free trade”?

BEIJING, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) — While taking aggressive steps to acquire China’s domestic credit rating agencies, the United States keeps a tight “fence” against those trying to foray into its own market. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Thursday denied a bid by China’s largest credit rating firm to become an officially recognized [...]

What would a simplified government look like?

It seems like most Americans would prefer a smaller government or at the very least a government that wastes less money. But what would that government look like? What stays and what goes? Below is a list of core government responsibilities. There is a lot of government cut from this list with the assumption a [...]

Is my degree going to be worth it?

Right now I am about half way through getting a dual degree with a Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in marketing) and a bachelor of arts (majoring in economics). Do you think this degree choice will be worth while? I’ve been told that marketing degrees typically only lead to sales, which I don’t particularly want to [...]

why world following down, prime and sub prime ?

many time i have been watched in TV news that bank are down or business for bank are down in US but of some prime and sub prime deal. so m not commerce student so pls people let me know what is this at all. why those ppl took home loan didn’t pay back and [...]